Mathematical Imagery by Jos Leys


Fractal images, including general 3D fractals and the Mandelbulb.

Galleries :

Kites, birds, and other things
Stringy flying objects..
Added on 2001-10-01
Mainstream fractals
The first collection, my first explorations in Ultrafractal
Added on 2000-10-01
Magic Carpets
Magical shapes and colorful weavings...
Added on 2001-07-01
Fractal Tunnels
Deep in the crevices of Fractal valleys, there are tunnels. Where do they lead? What lies beyond?
Added on 2002-10-01
Volvox fractals
Volvox - actually a microscopic unicellular life form that lives in colonies.
Added on 2001-10-10
Volvox fractals Page 2
More Volvocaceae....
Added on 2001-10-11
Baroque Patterns
Complicated patterns from a fairly simple fractal formula..
Added on 2001-10-06
Julia fractals
Added on 2002-03-01
Alien objects
Objects that do not seem to belong here, and can only be seen through the mathematics of fractals.
Added on 2001-10-04
String fractals Page2
More strings!
Added on 2001-10-03
Magic Shapes
Take your pick...
Added on 2001-09-01
Magic Shapes Page 2
More colorful fractal shapes..
Added on 2001-09-02
String fractals
Stringy objects generated by fractal formulas...
Added on 2001-10-03
Symmetrical creatures
All these critters have some sort of symmetry...
Added on 2001-01-01
Monsters and Strange Creatures Page 1
The second collection
Added on 2000-11-01
Monsters and Strange Creatures Page 2
More early work in Ultrafractal, using my own trap-type coloring algorithms.
Added on 2000-11-10
Monsters and Strange Creatures Page 3
Further explorations of different trap type colorings..
Added on 2001-02-01
Monsters and Strange Creatures Page 4
Trap type algorithms that generate balls and strings...
Added on 2001-03-01
Monsters and Strange Creatures Page 5
Strings,curls and spirals..
Added on 2001-04-01

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