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3D Fractals

Different species of fractals in 3D...

Galleries :

Hybrid 3D fractals
These were made in Ultrafractal with a combination of the Mandelbox and Mandelbulb formulas.
Added on 2013-03-14
The Mandelbulb fractal
36 images of this fascinating object.
Added on 2009-12-05
A special kind of 3D fractal.
Added on 2010-05-28
Tribute to BenoƮt Mandelbrot
..through 51 images.
Added on 2010-10-24
Mandelbrot tribute 2
..through another 57 images in color.
Added on 2010-11-09
3D Newton fractals
Added on 2011-01-15
3D Fractals
A small collection of 3D Mandelbrot and Julia fractals made with various formulas.
Added on 2009-12-05
Kaleidoscopic IFS
32 amazing fractal 3D objects.
Added on 2010-09-07

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