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Simple geometry

Things like Celtic knots, spirals and 'Looms".

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Spirograph animations
Spirographs in motion
Added on 2005-04-18
Celtic knots
A collection of Celtic knot patterns.
Added on 2002-10-19
Clifford A.Pickover in his book "Keys to Infinity" has a chapter entitled "The loom of creation",in which he describes webs spun on a circular frame. One end of the wires is tied at regular intervals, but the other end moves at a different pace.The images below are made along this principle.
Added on 2002-05-01
Exercises in Geometry
Repetitive arrangements of polygons.
Added on 2001-11-02
Exercises in Geometry Page 2
Added on 2002-04-01
In all shapes, but just one size..
Added on 2001-10-04
Spirals! Page 2
More spirals!
Added on 2001-10-05
Spirals! Page 3
Even more spirals!
Added on 2002-01-01
Spirals! Page 4
The last of the spirals...
Added on 2002-02-01
These patterns are obtained by a fractal tree type algorithm. Spheres 'grow' on a base sphere, and sprout further spheres of their own. The different tree branches start to overlap and generate patterns.
Added on 2004-11-01
Simple tiling diagrams...
Added on 2002-06-01
Wacky Wallpapers
Hexagonal symmetry of fractal shapes..
Added on 2001-08-01

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