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Kleinian groups

Where we enter the wonderful world first envisaged by Felix Klein. These pages where inspired by "Indra's Pearls" by David Mumford, Caroline Series and David Wright.

Galleries :

True 3D Kleinian groups
These limit sets of Kleinian groups were generated by three Moebius transformations with quaternion coefficients.
Added on 2013-01-05
3D Kleinian escape time
Images made with an escape time algorithm. All images were created in Ultrafractal.
Added on 2017-09-20
Animations of Kleinian group limit sets
19 animations..
Added on 2005-04-18
3D Kleinian groups Page 3
More 3D variations..
Added on 2004-05-01
3D Kleinian groups Page 2
More 3D views..
Added on 2003-12-12
3D Kleinian groups Page 1
The first 3D views of the limit sets of Kleinian groups.
Added on 2003-11-02
Ultrafractal and Povray working together.
Added on 2008-03-04
Floating Kleinian groups
Kleinian groups in an aquatic environment..
Added on 2004-05-17
Raytraced Kleinian groups
Added a raytracing algorithm..
Added on 2004-05-02
Raytraced Kleinian groups Page 2
More raytracings..
Added on 2004-06-02
Kleinian groups Page 5
A collection of diverse styles..
Added on 2004-11-12
Kleinian groups Page 4
Kleinian jewelry..
Added on 2003-11-02
Kleinian groups Page 3
The same algorithm, but with some more bells and whistles..
Added on 2003-08-02
Kleinian groups Page 2
More early work..
Added on 2003-07-02
Kleinian groups Page 1
These images where made with the first version of my algorithm.
Added on 2003-07-01

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