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3D inversive geometry

Where we we find ways of filling spheres with spheres and do other strange things with this simplest of all 3D objects...

Galleries :

Sphere packings in 3D
How does one fill a sphere with smaller spheres of various sizes so that every possible void is filled?
Added on 2004-08-20
Sphere inversion animations
Some animated sphere inversions.
Added on 2005-04-17
Sphere inversions
Sphere inversion transformations are the 3D equivalent of circle inversions.
Added on 2004-11-01
Strip Geometry
These images use an algorithm that draws touching circles in a strip that stretches to infinity. In some images this infinite strip was inverted into one circle.The algorithm is based on a paper by Professor Hans Herrmann of Stuttgart University, Germany.
Added on 2005-01-02
Sphere inversions Page 2
More arrangements of spheres obtained by 3D inversion.
Added on 2005-07-01

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