Mathematical Imagery by Jos Leys

Mathematical surfaces

A collection of classic mathematical surfaces: from the trefoil knot to the Klein bottle.


Jeener's klein surface order 2

Bonan-Jeener's klein surface 1

Bent horns surface


Toroidal spiral 1

Kuen's surface

Plucker order 3 surface


Trefoil knot

Boy's surface

Plucker order 4 surface

Tori #3

Tori #2

Bonan-Jeener's klein surface 2

Alexander's horned sphere 3

Klein bottle

Seashell #1

Triple corkscrew

Toroidal spiral 2

Jeener's klein surface order 2


Plucker order 2 surface

Seashell #2

Plucker order 1 surface

Seashell #3

Bonan-Jeener's klein surface 3

Dini's surface

Jeener's klein surface order 3

Jeener's klein surface order 3

Moebius strip

Seashell #4

Toroidal spiral 3

Tori link

Alexander's horned sphere 2

Bonan-Jeener's klein surface 4

Pisot triaxial surface


Alexander's horned sphere 1

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