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Advanced geometry

Where we find Penrose, Voronoi and hyperbolic tilings..and where we have some fun with circles and spheres.We also encounter math surfaces, plane-filling curves, knot dynamics and take a mathematical look at the shape of Planet Earth.

Galleries :

A collection of virtual vases, created by inverse stereographic projection of different patterns on the spherical surface of the vase.
Added on 2013-12-05
4D Polychora
Pictures made with a kaleidoscopic method for drawing 4D polychora.
Added on 2012-06-03
Knots and dynamics
A collaboration with Prof. Etienne Ghys of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, containing material presented at the International Congress of Mathematicians (Madrid, August 2006)
Added on 2006-08-23
Hyperbolic tesselations in 3D
Two kinds of views of hyperbolic space.
Added on 2012-06-03
Flat Earth Nonsense
The so-called 'flat Earth doctrine' debunked in a couple of easy, verifiable steps.
Added on 2018-03-28
Knots and dynamics animations.
A collection of animations where one can see what a matrix looks like in four dimensions, how to make spaghetti using a 'horocycle', and more.. .
Added on 2006-08-23
The shape of Planet Earth
Could the Earth have been flat after all? How about cigar shaped? Or do you prefer pear shaped? It seems it is all possible. Just a question of enough spin..
Added on 2006-10-24
Hyperbolic rings and strips
Transformations of tilings in the Poincaré disc.
Added on 2010-04-22
Hyperbolic animations
Animated hyperbolic tilings.
Added on 2005-04-18
Animations of 3D curves and surfaces
Moving curves and surfaces!
Added on 2005-04-18
Frivolous mathematical surfaces
I don't think you will find many of these in a math textbook...
Added on 2004-09-01
Penrose tilings
Not all images follow the 'classic' Penrose tiling rules. Some were constructed allowing rhombs with smaller angles.
Added on 2002-08-01
The Dragoncurve
The Dragoncurve is the shape taken by a strip of paper that is folded many times.
Added on 2001-06-10
Hyperbolic Tilings
The Poincaré disc: the whole world compressed in a circle.
Added on 2002-11-10
The Hilbert curve
The Hilbert curve is a space-filling curve. It will eventually fill the entire plane, without ever crossing itself.
Added on 2002-06-01
Painted Spheres
Penrose tilings, Voronoi diagrams and other things, stretched over a sphere.
Added on 2003-01-01
Fun with Circles
Ford circles and circle inversions. For more information on Ford circles, visit Wikiverse Ford circle page . For more information on circle inversions, visit Wikiverse inversion page .
Added on 2003-06-01
Mathematical surfaces
A collection of classic mathematical surfaces: from the trefoil knot to the Klein bottle.
Added on 2004-09-04
Voronoi diagrams
Acknowledgments to Craig S. Kaplan , who introduced me
to ornamental Voronoi designs through his paper on the subject.
Added on 2002-09-22

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